The Best in Hospice Care

Best – the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


Hospice – a type of care and philosophy that focuses on alleviating pain and symptoms of patients with life limiting conditions while attending to their emotional and spiritual needs.

Hospice Is About Life


The mission of Best Hospice Care, LLC is to enable patients to be free of pain, so they can live each day as fully as possible with comfort and dignity. The philosophy of Best Hospice Care, LLC is to provide support for the patient and family’s emotional, social, and spiritual needs while treating the medical symptoms of a person with a life limiting illness. Best Hospice Care, LLC is committed to the patients, their families and caretakers by providing the highest quality medical care. Best Hospice Care, LLC had revolutionized care of the whole person through integration of complementary and alternative therapies (CAT) in addition to standard hospice services. The holistic approach helps to create an atmosphere of warmth and calm around those who have a life limiting illness. Alternative therapies support the patient’s mind, body, and spirit.

The Best Promise


Best Hospice Care, LLC promises patients and their loved ones that no form of treatment will be discontinued or denied that may contribute to a patient’s quality of life. Best Hospice Care, LLC stands by the belief that each and every patient has the right to make decisions regarding their care and comfort. Under our ‘Patient First’ policy, Best Hospice Care, LLC will accept any patient who is eligible for hospice care regardless of the complexity of their medical condition of needs. Best Hospice Care, LLC’s commitment for excellence, innovation and education demonstrates our promise to our patients, their family members, and the community.


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