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What is Hospice

Best Hospice Care, LLC is a benefit that provides palliative and compassionate care for individuals in addition to emotional support for their families. Our services can be provided in the comfort and familiarity of one’s home, an assisted living or a skilled nursing facility or wherever the patient resides.

Best Hospice Care, LLC's treatment begins with the belief that life is sacred. We treat the person, not the disease. Ours is a team-oriented approach that addresses all aspects of comfort care, including, excellent medical care, pain management and emotional spiritual support, expressly designed to meet the needs and wishes of the patient and their family.

Our services are provided by a team of trained and experienced professionals physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, therapists, aides and volunteers who provide medical care and support services not only to the individual, but to the patient’s family and loved ones.


Best Hospice Care, LLC provides assistance and support to the patient and family on a 24-hour/7day a week basis. We provide routinely scheduled in-home services of nurse, home health aide, social worker, volunteer and other members of the hospice interdisciplinary team.

When and How


Best Hospice Care, LLC can be contacted when patient and family make a choice for palliative (comfort) care rather than curative treatment. Hospice offers patients the choice to complete their lives with dignity, purpose and peace.

Who Qualifies


Patients whose physician determines that they have a life-limiting illness and who choose comfort care qualify for Hospice. These patients include, but are not limited to, those having diagnoses such as cancer, end-stage lung disease, liver, kidney, heart, end-stage dementia, ALS, AIDS.


Who Pays?

Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers. Admission to Best Hospice Care, LLC is based on the patient’s needs rather than the ability to pay.

Hospice services are designed to provide support to patients, their families, and loved ones wherever they call home. This can be a Long Term Care Facility, Assisted Living, Retirement Community or your own home.

The goal is to maximize the quality of life while providing symptom and pain management and reduce further hospitalization. An individualized plan of care is determined by the patient and family.

Best Hospice Care, LLC has many benefits for patients and their families. We will partner with you to provide the highest quality hospice services and ultimately, the respect, comfort, and peace of mind that patients and their families need most.

We work side-by-side with you to provide a comprehensive plan of care focused on easing the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain often accompanying a terminal illness.

Enclosed in this brochure you will find information about how to refer a patient to Best Hospice Care, LLC, along with common diagnoses, admission guidelines, and more.


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