The Four Levels of Care


  • Routine 

    This is the most common level of hospice care. Care is provided in the patient’s home, long term care facilities, and residential care facilities.

  • Continuous

    Care is provided 24 hours a day during periods of crisis in which a patient requires continuous nursing care for management of acute medical symptoms. Therefore, the patient can avoid being transferred to a hospital.

  • General Inpatient Care

    Care for pain control and symptom management for a short-term nature. Specials arrangements are made with hospitals, hospice units or long-term care facilities where patients may receive necessary and appropriate care and can return home as soon as possible.

  • Respite Care

    Limited to five consecutive days, respite care provides a brief break to the patient’s primary caregiver by admitting the patient to a hospital, hospice unit, or long term care facility.

  • Equipment and Supplies


    Best Hospice Care, LLC covers all medications, medical equipment, and supplies required for the patient’s comfort, care, and safety.

  • Telecare


    Best Hospice Care, LLC’s nurse is available 24 hours a day. Staff is available anytime to the patient when necessary to respond to a crises related to the illness.

  • Bereavement

    Best Hospice Care, LLC provides support to meet the needs of family members and friends during the difficult time of loss and grief.


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